Tax Tip Tuesday for Individuals

Individual Tax Filers, we have news effecting you with our Tax Tip Tuesday. Join this FREE LIVE 30-minute Zoom update monthly at 7 PM EST.  Tax Strategist, Bev Stitely, will address the most pressing issues effecting your taxes and other financial news that effects you.  Register HERE and a link will be sent to you.

Upcoming dates for Tax Tip Tuesday:

July 6 at 7PM EST

August 3 at 7PM EST

September 7 at 7PM EST

Wedne$day Wi$dom for Business Owners

Join  Bev Stitely for a FREE LIVE 30-minute Zoom update monthly at Noon EST. She will provide tax updates, financial news, and other timely topics such as PPP as well as loans during "Wednesday Wisdom".  This webinar exclusively for business owners will include time for Q&A. Register  HERE and the link will be sent to you. 

Upcoming Wedne$day Wi$dom Webinars:

June 23 at Noon EST

July 28 at Noon EST

August 25 at Noon EST

September 22 at Noon EST 

               SBDC Webinars for Business Owners

Join Bev Stitely, Saunders' Owner and Tax Strategist, as she leads financially-based, educational webinars for the Maryland Small Business Development Council.  These webinars are currently offered free of charge. Below are the upcoming webinars:

June 10 - How to Avoid a Tax Suprise. Taxes are a major expense for every business owner, and when that expense comes as a surprise it is never good. Bev Stitely will explain how having a proactive tax plan can help you avoid tax surprises and save money on your taxes. Register HERE.

July 21 - Understanding Your Financials can be Your Strategic Advantage.  Trying to run a business without good financial statements  is like coaching a football team without a playbook. Bev Stitely will explain how having solid bookkeeping sets you up for success and can set you apart from others in your industry. Register HERE

August 18 -  Cash is KING! But are You Ruling Cash or is It Ruling You? Money is the lifeblood of any business, but controlling and managing its flow is key. Are you a captive to a cashflow you can’t predict and reacting?  Or do you have a cash flow management plan that lets you know exactly where your money is coming from and going? Register HERE.

September 15 - Death & Taxes are Inevitable! You plan with Life Insurance, but are you Tax Planning?  When preparing for all of life's challenges and difficulties, tax consequences is one area that is often over-looked. Bev Stitely will explain how tax planning can help you know what you will owe, how to save money, and avoid any tax surprises.

October 13 - Set Up your Bookkeeping to Thrive in 2022!  It is time to start looking ahead to 2022. How can you best setup your business to leap out of the starting blocks? By getting your bookkeeping in order so you know exactly how your business is doing, what your strengths are, and how to take advantage of them. Bev Stitely will explain the keys to remember when getting your books in order. 

November 17 - End of the Year Tax Moves to $ave you Money!  2021 is almost over and it is almost tax time once again.  But it is not too late to make some moves and decisions that will $ave you money. Bev Stitely will talk through end of the year tax decisions that can save you BIG  when filing your return. 

December 8 -  Plan your Cashflow, Plan your Business Growth!  When we don’t plan, we can only react. And this is never a good position to find yourself in as a business owner. Bev Stitely will discuss what a cash management plan looks like, how it lets you act and not react in your business, and how it can help you guarantee that you take home a profit every quarter. 

To view MD SBDC webinars, visit: http://www.mdsbdc.umd.edu/locations/webinar-events-calendar

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